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WorkSafe (referenced source) has published this linked news article on their website, reporting that this current WorkSafe announcement that independent Work Health and Safety Prosecutors have charged offences under s.34C of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, alleging that negligence caused the death of a worker.

For those duty holders who Own, Operate, Control, Manage, and Supervise their Organisations Workplace!

Is the Duty Holder of your organisation’s workplace able to meet “WHS Compliance” of your Work Health and Safety obligations?

Duty Holder-WHS Compliance

Have you implemented:

  • Organisational Safety with a Certified Work Health and Safety Professional?
  • Organisational Work Health and Safety Management Systems?
  • A complete range of organisational Work Health and Safety Policies?
  • Organisational Work Health and Safety Planning?
  • Organisational Work Health and Safety Systematic Implementation?
  • Organisational Work Health and Safety Systematic Checking?
  • Organisational Work Health and Safety Management Reviews?
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Commentary by Ray Boekelaar (Senior certified OHS/WHS Safety Consultant for & Real Estate Agent for

Ray Boekelaar is more than just a career “work retired” grandfather, father, and blogger, who loves AWD-SUV semi off road adventure camper traveling the highways and byways throughout the vast states and territories of the Australian continent. When he is not doing some casual OHS Safety or Real Estate Consulting for these respective organisations, as a “key opinion leader” (KOL) You will find him in between times trip planning historical tourist destinations and heading out into the sunset, on his next of many scheduled road touring travel adventures.

Referenced Source: (WorkSafe Queensland) – by Office of Industrial Relations, Queensland Government (media) on August 19, 2020


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