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Workplace Health and Safety Consultants in Melbourne

Solve Safety has a trusted and professional team of work health and safety consultants in Melbourne. We assist your organisation in navigating the complex issues of workplace safety with confidence.

As a duty holder of a business, your legal duty under the OHS Act is you must ensure that your workplace is safe, for your workers and the public.

Your Workplace can be dangerous, with many hazards that have the potential to kill, Injure or cause ill health or disease to people.

Safe Workplaces increases efficiency, productivity and meets community expectations, and you would agree that this makes good business sense.

At Solve Safety, we understand workplace Safety Compliance; a safe workplace does not happen by chance or guesswork; our team of dedicated professionals will partner with your organisation to provide advice, guidance and recommendations for you to achieve the safest workplace possible.

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Safe Solutions for organisations in Melbourne | Solve Safety

Melbourne Safety Expert for Workplace Safety

Solve Safety provides practical management solutions for organisations, advising on health and safety systems and how to comply with the Legal and Regulatory Requirements and consultative issue resolution, to a variety of industries. We also provide safety guidance and competency training to employees, increasing awareness and understanding of workplace hazards and how to minimise risks. Our comprehensive safe workplace solutions include:

Risk Assessment and

We conduct these assessments to identify potential hazards in your workplace and work with you to determine the best risk management measures to reduce or eliminate these risks.

Safety Audits and

Our team of qualified safety specialists conduct thorough audits and inspections to identify any non-compliance issues and provide recommendations for improvement.

Safety Management

We assist in the development and implementation of safety management systems that meet all legal requirements, ensuring the ongoing improvement of health and safety practices.

Conducts Scheduled Periodical Safe Working Assessment Audits

We perform regular, scheduled audits to assess the safety measures in your workplace. These assessments help identify any areas of concern and provide the opportunity to rectify potential hazards before they become issues.

Prepares Organisations for ISO 45001 OHS Safety Management Systems

Our workplace safety advisors prepare organisations for ISO 45001 certification, an international standard for occupational health and safety management systems. This certification demonstrates a commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.

Prepares Organisations for ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

We assist your organisation in achieving ISO 14001 certification, an internationally recognised standard for environmental management. This certification ensures your organisation's operations align with environmentally responsible practices.

Your Partnership with Solve Safety's Workplace Safety Specialists

We partner with our clients to come up with prompt safety solutions that are the best fit for you and your workplace.

Our qualified, experienced and certified construction safety experts will visit your workplace with a fresh perspective on safety.

We provide site specific legal and regulatory guidance for all levels of your organisation.

With the ever expanding health and safety legislation and compliance requirements that employers and employees must provide to conduct their work in a more comprehensive and systematic, safe manner.

Solve Safety saves you from any incident investigations, providing you with prompt accident management solution to bring you peace of mind. We improve your safety performance by working closely with you, mitigating any kind of workplace risks.

Safe Systems Solutions | Solve Safety Melbourne
Our Workplace Health and Safety Consultation Melbourne | Solve Safety

Workplace Health and Safety Consultation

A robust organisation's safety culture is vital for any company, serving as the cornerstone for the prevention of workplace accidents and incidents. As organisations' construction safety specialists, we strive to strengthen Melbourne business' safety culture by fostering an environment that prioritises employees' well-being and risk management.

Do you have Legal Safe Systems of Work?

  • Safety System Assessments
  • Safety Gap Analysis
  • We support you to achieve & maintain the following Standards
    • ISO 45001 Safety Management Systems –
    • ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems.
    • ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.
    • Federal Safety Commission (FSC)
    • CM3 Contractor Safety Management

Our Clients Testimonials
on Our Safety Audit and Risk Assessment Services

At Solve Safety, we navigate the complex landscape of health and safety risks with unrivaled expertise. With our work safety consultancy, we consistently provide proactive solutions, empowering clients to tackle any potential safety problems before they escalate into serious incident or accident. We deliver invaluable insights that strengthen safety procedures, creating safer work environments for all employees.

The professionalism is what stood out to our site guys, always punctual and professional, never demeaning or arrogant like some consultants can be.The suggestions for rectification or improvements are always practical and achievable.

George Papadepetros

IMS Manager Building Engineering Pty Ltd

I was very impressed with the professional manner you and your team went about the pressure cleaning safety measures and requirements of the front of Flinders St Station. Thank you.

Peter Watson

Manager Stations, Experience Customer Services Metro

Have taken the headache out of lots of OHS issues, have educated myself and our staff on procedures that need to be followed, carry out safety audits, Adrian is always available when I have a question or wish to discuss anything safety-related.

Andre Collett

SPM Group

The Australia Wide Personnel Group have been utilising the services of Solve Safety for since 2013. We employ a large on-hired workforce, working primarily in a range of industrial companies. We regularly engage Solve Safety to conduct inspections of the sites where our on-hired employees are working. We implicitly trust Solve Safety’s safety expertise and if they make the recommendation not to place employees at a site, we follow that advice.

We also learn on Solve Safety’s advice in relation to our systems, training and also when we have had safety incidents.I have no hesitation in recommending Solve Safety’s services.

Stephen Noble

Managing Director

Solve Safety has provided professional prompt service over the period of time they have been engaged by Qanstruct to conduct audits on our sites.

Mick Harvey

OH&S Manager, Qanstruct Commercial Construction

Hugely grateful for the advice, support and accountability Solve Safety provide and hold us to.They offer a professional approach, welcomed by our whole team.Solve has seen us through years of Certification, surveillance, Auditing and Adhoc Safety, and we're a better team beravcuse of their expertise.
Solve safety has helped my business grow any many ways. Thanks, to Adrian and the team at Solve Safety for leading us down the right path. A highly recommended company willing to go the extra mile for there customers.

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