Safety Management Consultants in Melbourne

Safety Management Consultants Melbourne

Safety Management Consultants in Melbourne

As the leading Safety management Consultants in Melbourne, Solve Safety Pty Ltd provides valuable, practical consultations in OHS/WHS, Safety Management, Quality Management and Environmental Management to a wide range of industries.

Solve Safety’s objective is to work closely with clients to develop manageable and sustainable outcomes, with a commitment to resolving any confusion with relevant legislative requirements and provide practical solutions to Safety, Quality and Environmental issues.

We provide assistance in the development, maintenance and compliance of systems that meet the requirements for Accreditation to AS4801 Australian Safety Standard, ISO 45001 Occupational Management, ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management.

Safety Management Consultants in Melbourne | Solve Safety
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What is Safety Management and How WHS consulting Companies Can Help?

Safety Management, particularly in the context of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) or Work Health and Safety (WHS), is a systematic process that helps prevent and reduce workplace accidents, injuries and health problems. It involves identifying, evaluating and controlling potential safety risks that employees may encounter on the job. WHS Consulting companies ensure an effective safety management system is in place for a business, as it not only maintains the health and wellbeing of employees but also enhances productivity, reduces legal liabilities and upholds an organisation's reputation.

Why Choose Our Construction WHS Consultants in Melbourne

Solve Safety’s construction WHS consultants specialise in developing a proactive strategy to create a secure and healthy workplace environment. We provide tailored WHS solutions, designed to mitigate health risks and ensure compliance with the latest Australian and New Zealand standard.

By conducting a comprehensive safety audit, evaluating safety performance, our team of ISO consultants assists in building a safe culture that not only elevates morale but also increases productivity, leading to enhanced business performance.

Construction WHS Consultants | Solve Safety Melbourne

Our Mission Statement

Solve Safety Pty Ltd is committed to providing its clients, professional Safety, Quality & Environmental Consultation services. Our Mission is to always provide our clients the highest standard of professionalism and shall always meet or surpass our client’s requirements and expectations.

Solve Safety Offers WHS Consultancy and Management Solutions - Whatever your Work, Whatever Your Industry

At Solve Safety, we specialise in providing personalised WHS Consultancy and safety management solutions spanning numerous industries. Whether you operate in commercial construction, domestic construction or any other industry, our team of WHS consultants work diligently to create a safety management system tailored to your organisation’s unique requirements. Our commitment is to ensure your work environment remains risk-free, so you can concentrate on what you do best, while we handle the rest.

Working closely with clients to develop Safety Management Systems tailored to suit your organisational needs.

Safety Systems Audits

Site Safety Inspections & detailed Reporting

Assistance with WorkSafe intervention

Plant & Manual Handling Assessments

Warehouse and factory safety inspections & Audits

Prevision of relevant safety documentation & checklists inline with regulatory requirements

Risk identification assessment and control

Facilitating SWMS/JSA development

Safety Management Plan development & implementation

Quality Assurance


At Solve Safety, we use and recommend Lucidity Safety, Quality & Environmental software.

Our Leadership Team

Jon Brierley
Managing Director & Certified Practicing Safety Consultant
Ray Boekelaar
Senior Certified Practicing Safety Consultant
Adrian Eagles
Certified Practicing Safety Consultant

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