Chain of responsibility

Are you the “Workplace” Duty Holder?

Do you have Legal Safe Systems of Work?

Are you:

  • Employing of heavy vehicle drivers?
  • Prime Contracting engaging someone to drive a heavy vehicle under contract for services?
  • Operating directing the control and use of a heavy vehicle?
  • Scheduling transport of goods and passengers in a heavy vehicle, or scheduling a driver's work and rest hours?
  • Consigning goods for transport by a heavy vehicle?
  • Consignee receiving goods delivered by a heavy vehicle?
  • Packing or assembling goods for transport in a heavy vehicle?
  • Loading Managing premises where five or more heavy vehicles are loaded or unloaded each day?
  • Loading heavy vehicles?
  • Unloading heavy vehicles?

If you are engaging in any of activities as defined by the “function, you perform” under the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) you or your business are accountable for heavy vehicle safety according to your Primary Duty.

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Yes! You are the Legal Primary Duty Holder

You are a Chain of Responsibility (CoR) party because of a function you perform, not because of a title or job description, or the words of a contract. If you engage in any of the above activities, you or your business are accountable for heavy vehicle safety according to your Primary Duty.

More than half the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) functions relate to people and businesses that do not own or operate a heavy vehicle. A good rule of thumb is when your business sends or receives goods via a heavy vehicle, it’s a party in the core Chain of Responsibility (CoR)

Have you conducted and implemented your LEGAL DUTY Chain of Responsibility:

  • Implementation Support? X
  • Management Commitments? X
  • Safety Responsibilities? X
  • Key Safety Personnel? X
  • Documentation? X
  • Safety and Risk Management - Hazard Identification? X
  • Safety and Risk Management - Incident Reporting? X
  • Internal Safety Investigations? X
  • Safety Performance Monitoring and Measurements? X
  • Change Management? X
  • Continuous Improvement? X
  • Safety Promotion & Training-Safety Training & Education? X
  • Safety Promotion & Training-Safety Communication? X
  • Safety Promotion & Training-Safety Cultural? X

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