OHS Compliance Audit in Melbourne

OHS Compliance Audit | Occupational hygienist

OHS Compliance Audit in melbourne, Victoria

Solve Safety offers a professional OHS compliance audit in Melbourne. We know that when it comes to safeguarding your business and working environment, it is important to employ the professional services of a company that has a broad scope of experience and expertise in this industry.

Solve Safety encompasses a team of dedicated occupational health & safety consultants in Melbourne who assist businesses all over the city, conducting risk assessments and providing the necessary advice and documentation to ensure your workplace meets the legal requirements here in Australia.

OHS  Compliance Audit in Melbourne | Solve Safety
OHS Compliance Consulting  in Melbourne | Solve Safety

Invest in oHS Compliance consulting For The benefit of your workplace

Did you know that an Australian worker is seriously injured every 2-3 minutes? Or that around 7,000 deaths each year are attributed to workplace accidents?

Healthy and safe workplaces are not only a requirement by Australian law; they are also a basic human right to which all employees are entitled. Occupational safety and health management standards are in place to certify the safety compliance of a work environment, thereby minimising the risk of injury and the potential for hazards to occur.

Solve Safety works efficiently and comprehensively to offer practical solutions to meet the relevant legislative requirements. We work closely with our clients to understand the environment of their practice and to apply the necessary procedures in order to promote and improve their safety culture.

Our Mission Statement

Solve Safety Pty Ltd is committed to providing its clients, professional Safety, Quality & Environmental Consultation services. Our Mission is to always provide our clients the highest standard of professionalism and shall always meet or surpass our client’s requirements and expectations.

OHS Compliance Solutions in melbourne, Victoria

We work with a wide range of businesses on OHS management systems, management plans, workplace OHS risk assessment, safety system development and OHS training while harnessing more than a decade of experience in the industry. From the construction industry to schools, labour hire and cleaning companies, our OHS consultants in Melbourne provide safety audits that can give your workplace the support and guidance it needs.

By remaining up to date on legislative requirements, we are able to effectively assess and audit your work environment, offer practical feedback and provide documentation to certify your workplace’s safety. Our aim is to not only meet our clients’ expectations, but to positively exceed them when it comes to achieving their goals and most importantly, giving them the peace of mind they need.

Occupational Health and Safety Audit Services Melbourne
The Safety Approach of OHS Audits in Melbourne, Victoria

The Safety Approach of Our OHS Audits

In our OHS audits, we undertake each task with meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to safety. With our wealth of experience and deep understanding of regulatory standards of Melbourne, Victoria, we ensure that all operations within your organisation are in compliance with the latest safety guidelines.

Our goal is to foster a safety-conscious environment that not only adheres to legal requirements but also prioritises the well-being of all employees.

Going Beyond Inspections -  Legal OHS / WHS Compliance Audit

What is a legal compliance audit?

A legal compliance audit involves a thorough evaluation of a company's adherence to health and safety laws, rules, and regulations. It is crucial because non-compliance can result in severe consequences such as fines, legal disputes, and damage to reputation. What sets our audit apart is the extensive expertise we bring to the table.

We go beyond mere inspection; we collaborate with clients to develop tailored strategies that not only address immediate compliance issues but also foster a proactive culture of safety. Our OHS audits focus on long-term solutions that protect both people and your business' legal standing, going beyond a mere checklist.

Occupational Health and Safety Legal Compliance Audits

OHS Management System Certification
ISO 45001

As specialists in occupational safety and health compliance, we are dedicated to helping organisations achieve ISO 45001 certification, the international standard for OHS Management Systems. Leveraging our extensive experience as consultants, we provide comprehensive guidance tailored to your unique operational context. With our help, you can confidently navigate the certification process, ensuring workplace safety, demonstrating your commitment to employee wellbeing, and enhancing your organisation’s credibility.

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