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WHS Risk Assessment Melbourne

Our expert Safety Consultants provide practical WHS risk assessment of your workplace in Melbourne. Our detailed workplace safety assessments are designed to identify areas for companies to improve their safety management in line with the latest legislative requirements. Workplace safety assessments can be tailored to meet specific client needs.

WHS  Risk Assessment in Melbourne | Solve Safety
Risk Management and WHS Laws | Solve Safety Risk Management Consulting

Risk Management and WHS Laws

Solve Safety offers a comprehensive service that ensures full compliance with risk management and work health and safety (WHS) laws. Our team of experts work closely with you to understand your specific work environment, providing advice and strategies to meet legal obligations and minimise and manage work health and safety risks.

To ensure that you meet these legal obligations, we offer compliance strategies tailored to your specific organisation's environment. Our strategies are not only designed to keep employees safe but also to prevent any legal issues that can cause harm due to non-compliance.

We believe that maintaining compliance is an ongoing process; therefore, we conduct regular audits and checks as part of our service. This proactive approach ensures your business remains compliant with WHS laws at all times, providing you with the peace of mind to focus on other aspects of your business.

Different Types of Hazards in Your Workplace

We provide thorough workplace inspections to identify hazards. Our services include understanding, categorising and educating your team about these hazards to reduce the risk and foster a safer office environment.

There can be several risks in the workplace ranging from physical dangers to health risks, and it is crucial to be aware of all potential threats.

Understanding these hazards empowers an organisation to take preventative measures and maintain a safe working environment.

Trips and Falls

These are common dangers often caused by cluttered work areas or slippery surfaces. Implementing good housekeeping practices and proper signage can mitigate these risks.

Machinery Hazards

Injuries can occur from interacting with moving machinery parts. Regular maintenance and proper training can help minimize these risks.

Electrocution Risks

Hazards from faulty wiring or improper equipment use can lead to dangerous electrical accidents. Ensuring regular electrical safety checks and worker education can prevent these incidents.

Chemical Hazards

Harmful substances can cause burns, poisoning, or respiratory issues. Proper storage, usage, and disposal of chemicals along with the use of protective gear can increase safety.

How to Assess and identify Risks in your workplace

Our risk assessment service identifies potential hazards and evaluates the associated risks. We use systematic approaches to determine the likelihood of these risks and their potential impact.

  • Identification of potential hazards

  • Evaluation of associated risks

  • Risk likelihood and impact assessment

To ensure organisation's safety, it is imperative to effectively manage WHS risks if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • Person conducting a business

  • Designer, manufacturer, importer, supplier, or installer of plant, substance or structure

  • Officer, such as Manager

Effective risk management enables businesses to adapt to change and enhance their operations. By eliminating and controlling office risks, you can:

  • Prevent injuries and illnesses

  • Enhance the health, wellbeing, and productivity of your workers

  • Officer, such as Improve the quality and productivity of work

Prioritising risk management not only safeguards your business but also fosters a safer and more efficient work environment.

How To Assess And Identify Risks In Your Workplace | Solve Safety
Strategies To Control And Manage Risks In Your Workplace

Strategies to control and manage Risks in your workplace

Once risks have been identified and assessed, we provide targeted strategies to manage and control risks. Our approach is tailored to your specific needs, ensuring organisation's optimal safety.

  • Tailored risk assessment process: Our strategies are not one-size-fits-all. We design personalised plans that cater to the unique needs of each workplace, ensuring maximum risk control.

  • Risk mitigation approaches: We implement robust measures to alleviate identified risks, prioritising the safety of all stakeholders associated with your business.

  • Ongoing risk monitoring and control: Our commitment doesn't end at implementation. We continually monitor the workplace environment and adjust strategies as needed to ensure risks are controlled effectively.

A step-by-step approach to Risk management in the workplace

Our systematic, 4-steps strategy helps create a safety conscious culture within your organisation. From initial risk identification to monitoring, we are with you every step of the way.

1. Identify Risks 

Our professional team conducts thorough inspections, utilises data from incident reports, and consults with your employees to identify potential hazards. We provide a comprehensive report outlining the identified risks, their potential impact and recommendations for action.

2. Assess Risks

Once potential hazards are outlined, our team develops a custom risk control strategy for your company. This could involve implementing new safety procedures, providing staff training on hazard identification and mitigation and supplying appropriate protective equipment.

3. Control Risks

Risks resolution is a continuous process. Our team strategically identifies, assesses, controls and monitors the risks. We periodically review the effectiveness of control measures and make necessary adjustments to ensure the ongoing safety of your workplace.

4. Monitor Risks

To ensure the long-term effectiveness of our risk management strategies, we offer continuous monitoring services. Our team will regularly review and update risk assessments, control strategies and safety procedures, ensuring that your company stays safe and compliant with health and safety regulations.

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