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Professional Health and Safety Consultancy Services

Solve Safety is committed to offering top-tier professional health and safety consultancy services. Our dedicated team of experts provides guidance on a wide range of issues to ensure your workplace meets all workplace safety regulations in Melbourne.

We design personalised strategies to help you create an environment that is compliant and promotes the wellbeing of all employees. Our holistic approach encompasses everything from risk assessment to employee training, fostering a safe culture in your organisation.

Health and Safety Consultancy Services | Workplace Safety Services

Ongoing Safety Support (Partner Program)

  • Scheduled Visits
  • Safety Follow Ups
  • Phone Support
  • Safety Meetings / Toolbox Meetings

Workplace Safety Risk Assessments

  • Provision of required lawful workplace safety risk assessments. (Risk Assessment – Discover where the hazards lurk in your business)

Workplace Safety Risk Controls

  • Provision of required lawful workplace safety risk controls.

Workplace Safety Documentation

  • Provision of required lawful workplace safety documentation. (Provision Of – Relevant Procedures, Checklist and Forms aligned to Legal and Regulatory Requirements)

Workplace Safety Checklists

  • Provision of required lawful workplace safety checklists.

Workplace Safe Work Method Statements

  • Development of required lawful workplace safety SWMS/JSA. (We’ll tell you just how well your workers are working safely)

Hazardous Substances & Dangerous Goods

  • Assessment and Documentation (Our staff will show you how to store dangerous items and provide full legally required documentation for them)

Workplace WorkSafe Interventions

  • Assistance with WorkSafe workplace interventions. (New regulations must be complied with. We’ll show you how)

Workplace Incident and Investigation Process & Assistance

  • Assistance with workplace Incident and Investigation Process

Internal Safety Training

Workplace Safety Management

  • Development of required lawful workplace safety management plan. (Public Liability Audits and Reviews – What risk is there to the public at your business? Let us take a close look, identify the dangers, and tell you how to minimise the risks)
  • Development of required lawful workplace safety management plan implementation.
  • OHS Consulting

Our Mission Statement

Solve Safety Pty Ltd is committed to providing its clients, professional Safety, Quality & Environmental Consultation services. Our Mission is to always provide our clients the highest standard of professionalism and shall always meet or surpass our client’s requirements and expectations.

Our Leadership Team

Jon Brierley
Managing Director & Certified Practicing Safety Consultant
Ray Boekelaar
Senior Certified Practicing Safety Consultant
Adrian Eagles
Certified Practicing Safety Consultant

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