Health and Safety Management System

SiteConnect – Promote Workers' Engagement with Health and Safety Management System

SiteConnect is a work health and safety management system software that bridges communication gaps between central management and remote sites, facilitating real-time safety compliance.

It covers essential tasks and displays risks and hazards in real time, ensuring all workers are actively engaged with safety on site. It is the responsibility of any Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) who manages or controls a workplace to provide a safe environment for all individuals.

By prioritising worker engagement and leveraging real-time risk management, businesses can proactively mitigate risks, enhance safety practices, and safeguard the well-being of their employees and visitors. A conscientious approach to health and safety not only protects the workforce but also safeguards the organisation's reputation and financial stability.

SiteConnect - A Work Health and Safety Management System

Sign Ins

Streamline your check-in process with our quick and efficient sign-in feature. It aids in monitoring and documenting the presence of individuals in the premises.


Our safety feature ensures adherence to all regulations and protocols, providing a secure environment by promptly identifying potential issues.


Ease the screening process with our prequalification feature. This tool efficiently filters applicants based on your specified criteria, ensuring only qualified individuals proceed.

Custom Forms

Create and customize forms to meet your unique needs. Our custom forms feature offers flexibility in data collection, helping you gather precise information.


Our management feature simplifies administrative tasks, promoting efficient workflows. It provides robust tools for scheduling, tracking, and overseeing operations.

+ Extras

Avail your organisation of additional benefits with our "+ Extras" feature. It offers extended functionalities to further enhance your management process.

6 Site Connect Safety Software Key Features to Help in Efficient Management

Site Connect Safety Software is an essential tool for efficient site management, providing key features specifically designed to enhance safety protocols. These features equip managers to respond quickly and effectively to on-site incidents, minimise risks, and maintain a safe working environment. From real-time incident reporting to comprehensive risk assessments, the software streamlines safety processes, ensuring a robust and compliant safety culture across all site operations.

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